• Six Seasons App PISIM available on Android and iOS

    For the first time, our first app in the Six Seasons series, PISIM, can also be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices. You can find PISIM in the App Store and in the Play Store.

  • New Six Seasons App AMO is now available

    You can now download our new picture book app AMO, the app version of Amō’s Sapotawan in the App Store on iOS and the Play Store on Android. The app features several interactive games, narration in Cree and in English, as well as an engaging soundscape.

  • Amo's Sapotawan Teacher's Guide

    The Teacher’s Guide is intended to support educators using Amō’s Sapotawan and the AMO app in the classroom. It presents four thematic modules that include teaching strategies with suggested connections to Manitoba middle years curricula in Social Studies, Science, English Language Arts, Health, and the Arts as well as Rocky Cree culture and language.

  • Six Seasons Wind Clearing Moon Newsletter 2023

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  • How the Six Seasons Archaeology Team Worked on Amō's Sapotawan

    In this presentation, Six Seasons Research Associate Jill Taylor-Hollings speaks about her work with the Six Seasons Archaeology Team, and how the team worked with knowledge keepers and illustrators to provide historically and culturally accurate images and textual information in Amō's Sapotawan. Jill Taylor-Hollings is a Research Associate with the Six Seasons of the Asiniskaw Īthiniwak project at Lakehead University with the Archaeology Team (Leader Dr. Scott Hamilton). She was invited by the Ottawa Chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society to present about the Six Seasons project at their online meeting. Jill is also the current President of the Ontario Archaeological Society, which is a 1000+ member organization dedicated to education, heritage advocacy and ethical archaeology. This presentation provided an opportunity to share information about the Six Season project but also research taking place at Lakehead University in Northwestern Ontario.

  • Six Seasons Newsletter Book Launches 2022

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  • Six Seasons Upcoming Book Launch Newsletter

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  • Six Seasons Promotion Newsletter

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  • Wind Clearing Moon Newsletter 2022

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  • Six Seasons Flying Moon Newsletter 2021

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