• Melanie Braith

    Melanie Braith

    Story Team

    Dr. Melanie Braith is excited work as a postdoctoral fellow with the Six Seasons project. Melanie is from Germany and came to Canada for her PhD in Indigenous literatures at the University of Manitoba, which she finished in July. She worked for the Six Seasons project as a research assistant from 2018 and 2020 while she was a PhD candidate. During this time, she created transcriptions of William’s stories and Six Seasons meetings. She also designed a book version for Clifford Hart’s story Whiskeyjack Finds Her Purpose. As a postdoctoral fellow, Melanie will work for the Story Team under supervision of William and Warren and will help to transform traditional stories from community members into books. She will also help with preserving and sharing Rocky Cree stories, and she will do research that will reflect on the Six Seasons project as an example of collective storytelling. Melanie is hoping to work as closely together with the community as COVID restrictions allow.

  • Jill Taylor-Hollings

    Jill Taylor-Hollings

    Archaeology Team

    To come.

  • Jennifer Robinson

    Jennifer Robinson

    Research Evaluation and Policy Development Team

    Jennifer is a Settler-Canadian scholar and a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Six Seasons of the Asiniskaw Īthiniwak: Reclamation, Regeneration, and Reconciliation Partnership Project at the University of Winnipeg. Jennifer completed her PhD in 2017 in Visual Anthropology at the University of Victoria and from 2017-2018 held a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Cultural Studies Department at Queen’s University. She is currently a Research Collaborator with the Creative Conciliations Arts Collective and the Residential and Indian Day School Art Research Program. Her research and writing focuses onthe relationship between arts-based research, community engagement, and social justice.