• Amo's Sapotawan Teacher's Guide

    The Teacher’s Guide is intended to support educators using Amō’s Sapotawan and the AMO app in the classroom. It presents four thematic modules that include teaching strategies with suggested connections to Manitoba middle years curricula in Social Studies, Science, English Language Arts, Health, and the Arts as well as Rocky Cree culture and language.

  • Revised Pīsim Finds Her Miskanaw Teacher's Guide

    The new Teacher's Guide to accompany the revised edition of Pīsim Finds Her Miskanaw has been released. The guide has five modules:

    Module 1: Maci pimahamīyin kī miskanaw (Starting Your Path): Introducing the Book
    Module 2: Otīnawāsōwin: Gift of Bringing Life into the World
    Module 3: Miskanaw or Life Journey
    Module 4: Wawanaskiwin: Orienteering Oneself With the Land Oneself
    Module 5: Acimowina: The Power of Storytelling