Six Seasons at 2019 Ireland International Conference on Education

Six Seasons Curriculum Team Leader Doris Wolf will be co-presenting a workshop, "Education for Reconciliation: Educating Teachers in Integrating Indigenous Land-based Knowledge and Pedagogy into Classrooms," with Paul DePasquale at the 2019 Ireland International Conference on Education.

In this workshop they outline the theory and practice of land-based and land-focused education for Indigenous, immigrant, and settler students in classrooms. They incorporate hands-on activities that are based in current innovative programs such as the Post Baccalaureate in Indigenous Knowledge Diploma Program for practicing teachers at the University of Winnipeg, and the Six Seasons project, which creates resources for middle-years teachers across subject areas of English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. In engaging in practical activities, participants will be given opportunities to reflect on the following topics so that they can begin to imagine ways to bring Indigenous knowledges and pedagogies into their own diverse contexts:

  • role of teacher education in training teachers in Indigenous knowedges and pedagogies
  • best practices in Indigenous education and curriculum development today
  • role of teachers in fostering land-based learning opportunities for students of all backgrounds
  • opportunities for land-based education when – because of location, time, season, or budgetary constraint — learning in natural environments outside the city is difficult or impossible
  • role of local Indigenous Elders to help inform course content and pedagogy
  • use of technologies such as picture book apps and 3-D digital printing to enhance classroom learning