Available for Pre-Order: William Dumas's The Gift of the Little People

We are excited that William Dumas’s The Gift of the Little People is going to be released on February 22, 2022. The book is already available for pre-ordering with Portage & Main-Highwater Press:


This book for all ages tells the story of a time when the Rocky Cree struggled with a great sickness. One night, āhāsiw, a member of the community, is visited by one of the Little People, small beings just like us. āhāsiw learns that if he can journey to the home of the Little People, they can gift him the medicine that his people need.
The book is illustrated with images created by Rhian Brynjolson. The Gift of the Little People is the first book in a series of supplementary books that are intended to support the six publications in the Six Seasons series.